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    The Manta Blog

    Here you can keep up-to-date with the latest events, trips, news, and everything else going on at The Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers.

    NEW Manta Ray IDs

    Posted by on September 25, 2019
    Manta Ray Research cont... the Yap manta ray ID database just grew by two. These photos help unveil the lives of these mysterious animals and have guided local conservation and protective regulation development with Yap's manta ray and shark sanctuary laws. Marine animal ID database records the location, time and a status report of the...

    MantaFest 2019 Winners

    Posted by on September 8, 2019
    MantaFest 2020 - BEST OF SHOW: Sheila Ott overall winning photo was "squid cannibalism" of a pelagic diamond head squid eating another one of it's own species. Shot at night over 1 mile offshore on a blackwater dive at 35ft. Grand Prize:10-day Dive Damai Liveaboard Trip plus a Mares USB Keychain and an Akona...

    MantaFest Photo School 2019

    Posted by on August 25, 2019
    We are underway with the 11th Annual MantaFest photography and video festival. Bill, his entire crew and this year's panel of presenting photographers; Ray Bullion (USA), David Fleetham (Canada), Frank Schneider (Germany), Tim Rock (Guam), Brad Holland (USA) and Andy Schumacher (Germany) will be hosting two weeks of photography and video training as well as...

    Photo/Video Workshops 2019

    Posted by on July 3, 2019
    Summer season in Yap includes our annual Photo/Video workshop event, MantaFest where the resort is bustles all day with diving, good times and photo/video training. Our daily workshop schedule is being tuned up and we thought we'd share some of highlights. Frank Schneider - Mixing sunlight and strobes the easy way - Model & people...

    Demo Cameras for MantaFest

    Posted by on May 7, 2019
    Ikelite is sponsoring demo camera systems at this year's MantaFest photo & video workshops - Aug 24th - Sept 8th you can dive Yap with an Olympus TG-5 in an Ikelite housing. This system is highly respected for it's performance in shooting macro subjects with Olympus' microscope mode. During all of the dive days at...


    Posted by on March 22, 2019
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    Posted by on December 29, 2018

    2018 MantaFest Champions

    Posted by on September 14, 2018
    Best of Show - Jim Decker Best in Class dSLR - Dan Norton Best in Class Compact - Lee Shinwoong

    2018 MantaFest dSLR Winners

    Posted by on September 14, 2018
    Big Animals First Place - Jim Decker Second Place - Dan Norton Third Place - Chris Forbes Honorable Mention - Chris Forbes Reef Scenic First Place - Ken Sutherland Second Place - Chris Forbes Third Place - Chris Forbes Honorable Mention - Jim Decker Macro First Place - Jim Decker Second Place - Jim Decker...

    2018 MantaFest Winners Compact

    Posted by on September 14, 2018
    Big Animals First Place - Ann Donahue Second Place - Lee Shinwoong Third Place - Lee Shinwoong Honorable Mention - Ann Donahue Behavior First Place - Julie Nefczyk Second Place - Ann Donahue Third Place - Ann Donahue Honorable Mention - Jimwoong Kim People, Island & Culture First Place - Diana Bullion Second Place -...

    Digital Dive Site Briefing

    Posted by on August 21, 2018
    The crew is getting spun up on a digital upgrade to your dive briefings. Assisted by 3D mapping technology and Ocean Maps ap, our guests are getting an enhanced orientation to their dive plan. OP Acker is spearheading this improvement and working with the crew on familiarizing with the new waterproof hardware. These tablets will...

    Korallenzucht in Yap

    Posted by daniel.brinckmann on August 19, 2018
    Yap Divers haben eine eigene Korallenzucht ins Leben gerufen. Am beliebten Makro-Tauchplatz Slow & Easy, an unserem nächstgelegenen Riffkanal, haben wir mehrere baumartige Strukturen versenkt an denen jetzt Setzlinge verschiedener Arten schnell wachsender Geweihkorallen in der Strömung hängen und so Nährstoffe zugeführt bekommen. Mögen sie prächtig gedeihen!   Natürlich zeigen die stolzen Korallen-Farmer unseren Gästen...
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