Exclusive Yap & Palau Combo

Dive the best of Micronesia without crowds on exclusive dive sites with just you and your dive buddy’s bubbles.

Combine a week in Palau on Ocean Hunter with a week in Yap.

Dive Yap and Palau with Ocean Hunter

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Palau Liveaboard Diving

The benefit of diving Palau on a liveaboard is diving the same sites before, and after, the land-based operations. Short boat rides and no crowds at the best sites! Be the first boat to the dive sites in the morning and get it again in the afternoon when the fewest divers are in the water.

Exclusive Dive Sites in Yap

In Yap you are guaranteed to dive exclusive sites and experience miles of outer reef with just you and your small group. Get Micronesia’s best diving in small groups on exclusive sites.

  • Dive Two Shark Sanctuaries
  • Guaranteed Big Animals
  • Guaranteed Clear Water
  • Guaranteed Healthy Reefs

Special Airfare and Flight Help

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