Events and Seasons

Manta Ray Mating Season

December through January

Winter time is the right time for seeing our mantas in groups dancing over the reef. Mating behavior is the most exciting to watch, females have would-be courting partners training behind them.

Manta Mania

February 7th – 14th

Join our week-long Manta Mania citizen science week where leading researchers share their information and we learn about manta rays and sharks from the experts. This is a special 16-dive package with expedition dives to unexplored areas, photo ID collection at manta cleaning stations, lunch served at the beach in a Yapese village and a private beach party on Saturday. more info…

Yap Day

March 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Experience the most island culture in a single trip. Yap Day is a local festival of traditional attire, dances and food celebrating everything Yapese. This is the absolute best time to experience Yap’s culture. more info…

MantaFest Photography Workshops

August 26th through September 10th

Two-week photography event with six professional photographers offering one-on-one training, workshops and media presentations. Special dive plans, private beach party, big animal photography and over $25,000 in prizes are handed out at the end! more inf…

Kids Sea-Life Adventures

June 18 through 24 and June 25 through July1

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