Yap + Palau Special

The Best of Micronesia

Experience a week on each island and the best diving in the region.

  • 7 nights / 13 dives with Palau Diving Adventures and your choice of 6 different hotels in Palau
  • 7 nights / 10 dives at the Manta Ray Bay Resort in Yap
  • Choose a package from US $1,995 to US $3,049 net per diver

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A note from the management

On behalf of Palau Dive Adventures and the Manta Ray Bay Resort we welcome you to our Yap/Palau trips. We believe that if you are coming all the way to visit either island, you should do your best to extend your dive trip to at least two weeks and have the chance to see both islands. The diving is incredible in Yap as well as Palau. Yap offers a glimpse back into time how we islanders used to live and still live in Yap today.

Being dive shop owners ourselves we want you to have the most successful trip possible. We want your diving, customer service/experience and your margins to be the best trip ever! By us taking the time to work out all details ahead of time we have packaged a truly unique trip that you can sell to your divers and you will be the only one in your area with this awesome trip. We have a USA office that will be helping with all U.S. reservations and can assist you in all aspects of marketing, profit margins and itineraries.

As a dive store owner you are looking at several things when organizing a dive trip for your customers;

Great value for money for your customers on an out-of-the ordinary dive trip;
Healthy bottom-line for your business;
Customers that come that can’t stop telling you, their (dive) friends, colleagues and family how great the trip was upon return giving you the best advertising you can get resulting in a happy repeat customer base

Palau Dive Adventures and Manta Ray Bay Resort can help you with all those objectives. Let’s face it, Micronesia is not around the corner however with our knowledge of the available flights, hubs and access to net rates you’ll be surprised how affordable and relatively easy it can be to visit two of Micronesia’s pearls.

Like the culture in Micronesia where social ties within communities are very strong we believe, as two dive-/hotel operators in this for many unknown part of the world, should work together by offering you a dual destination trip to Palau and Yap. It doesn’t make sense to fly thousands of miles get off the plane, make your dives and hop on the plane again heading home. Diving is what you will be doing 12 out of the 14 days, but on those 2 non-diving days you have the opportunity to discover and explore two unique cultures that have so many things in common, but the same time are also so different.

Palau has it all; big schools of fish, lots of sharks, healthy reefs, World War II wrecks and history, and the world-famous Jellyfish Lake and Blue Corner. Obvious Yap has it year-round Manta’s, but has much more to offer; healthy reefs with great macro, sharks, mandarin fish and caverns just to mention a few of Yap’s highlights. Combined more than 100 dive sites to discover.

For the “great value for money part” we have the flight and diving covered, but even important is the philosophy of both Palau Dive Adventures and the Manta Ray Bay Resort where personalized service is not only standard, but the mindset of all our employees. Small groups on the dive boats, VIP gear handling services, we learn your name and treat you for what you are—a very valued customer. In line with this philosophy, we are happy to build custom packages that fit your goals and aspirations for your visit to Palau and Yap.

Where your customers are constantly looking to increase their bottom-time you need to have a healthy bottom-line. We can write down many calculations, but easiest is to use our dive trip profit calculator. But just one example; you bring 12 divers (10 paid) to Palau and Yap while staying in the DW Motel in Palau/diving with us and in Yap your group stays in a standard room. Your revenue is US $31,296,– while we invoice you for US $23,936 —giving you a US $7,360 —or 24% profit. That’s the money part, but keep also in mind we take all the work out of your hands; flights, dealing with 2 resorts and the logistics. We’ll take care of it.

We all know 1 + 1 = 3 in some cases. Booking the dual destination package for your group is one of those situations. Great value for money for your customers, healthy profit for you and an awesome and unique dive trip experience will turn your customers into ambassadors for your business and future group travel.

~ Jason Maluchluw President Palau Dive Adventures

~ Bill Acker, owner of Manta Ray Bay Resort, Yap



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