Down south with the Ackers


southerwallsdivewithBillJump onboard Popou for a full day with the man who started it all.

Bill makes it a point to put down the keyboard and saddle up his BC to show his guests a good time on the reef with a personal tour of the biggest water Yap has.

The southern reef of this island is home to big water wall diving in clear blue currents with exotic sea life that you can almost touch.

Bill posted up a couple of weeks ago with an Orca report from the same area, and another time this season boasting mating spinner dolphins right outside the Caverns.



This dive report comes from the newest named dive site “Buena Vista”, named by a guest touring the southern walls with Bill and Nico a few weeks ago. Wall diving in Yap is shadowed by the Manta Rays and Shark diving, but there’s miles of rich reef to drift.

This dive we came across three cuttlefish, two as a pair and a third later on at the same site.

We came across the first pair as a group at 60 feet and everyone got their pictures.



These guys (or gals) put on an impressive light show of changing color and flashing patterns. At times they appeared dark brown and red, seconds later almost entirely white and other times the same color as the reef they hovered over.

cuttlefish1Shooting cuttlefish is interesting because you never know what you’re going to get.

I shot over four hundred photos of three cuttlefish this dive.

While reviewing my index sheet it showed that at times the fish is totally camouflaged with the reef, and minutes later in front of deep blue water the same fish looked like it had a light bulb inside.




I stayed with one fish for the remainder of my dive just draining the batteries of my strobes. After about 40 minutes my wrist was beeping and I was starting to get scolded by my computer.

I stayed with the fish for another ten minutes leaving myself enough air to come up from 97 feet with a short deep stop and a long safety stop, ending my dive with less than 200 psi.

I don’t know much about cuttlefish, what they eat, what eats them or how to tell a boy from a girl… but they are one of the most interesting things to spend time with on the reef, visually spectacular.

Personal Family Owned Experience

Diving with Yap Divers is where you can get in the water with the people and family that invented tourism here. Still nearly 30 years later Bill, as well as his wife Patricia, guide small groups and get you into the water you want, and onto the exotic sea life you came to see. Days like this include lunch onboard and three tanks on the outer reef with your hosts.

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