30-80 ft | 9-25 m
50-100 ft | 15-30+ m
0-2 mph | 0-3 km/h

Dominant features
A gentle slope with large coral bommies. A great night dive for exploring among the rocky shelves and bommies before coming to the channel entrances where there is active fishlife. Remnants of a subsea telegraph cable laid by the Germans at the turn of the century can be seen in places along the top edge of the reef. The cable was a communications link that reached to the Asian mainland at Singapore.

Being on the windward side of the island, the hard corals and rock formations tend to be more rounded in order to withstand the wave action. At night numerous crinoids can be found.

Fish Life
On night dives, this site yields a large number of Lionfish and bright red Stonefish. You may also see huge Sea Hares with brilliant blood red coloration that look like a Nudibranch, but are nearly a foot long.