15-100 ft | 5 – 30 m
60-150+ ft | 18-45+ m
0-2 mph | 0-3 km/h

Dominant Features
Usually done as a slow drift dive past the slopes & walls. You’ll find steeply descending slopes high- lighted by a series of vertical walls from 60 – 85 ft. (18 – 25 M). Each of the walls is roughly 50 meters long.

This part of the reef takes it’s name from the delicate, white Pulse corals which look like Spanish lace and grow in the alcoves, crevices & undercuts. These lace corals will only be found in niches that are sheltered from heavy wave & current action. There is also an abundance of pink & purple lace coral growing among the soft corals.

Fish Life
Expect a full range of pelagics and larger reef fish down below 30 ft. (9 M) and when you face the Blue. The deeper sections of the wall are visited by sharks more often than the upper reef. You’ll find morays if you look for them.