20-60 ft | 6-20 m
15-60 ft | 5-20 m
0-2 mph | 0-3 km/h

Dominant features
Inshore reef which gradually drops down from the surface to the sandy bottom. Many niches, crevices and outcropping provice provide shelters for many critters and nocturnal species, making “Slow and Easy“ a macro fan favorite and an ideal spot for night dives. The entry points are marked by buoys.

Good selection of hard corals and several whip corals. The rich nutrition of the inshore waters nourished an excellent number of various anemones, crinoids and sponges.

Fish life
From XS to XL. While bumphead parrotfishes and white-tip sharks often make visits to the reef, Slow and Easy is Yap’s macro heaven. Ask the guides for nudibranches, leaf fishes, pipe fishes, goby-and-shrimp action, stone fishes, white mantis shrimps, and other critters! Three juvenile Hawksbill turtles are seen most of the times.