30-120 ft | 9-37 m
30-70 ft | 9-20+ m
0-3 mph | 0-5 km/h

Dominant features
Extending almost 2 miles from the ocean to the docks of Colonia, this sandy bottomed ship channel has several areas worth diving. A drift in along the southern side of the channel sweeps divers through many fish which hang out near the entrance.
There is a wreck of a WW-II LCU sitting upright in the channel between Markers 8 and 10. The bow is at 40 ft (12 M), the stern at 60 ft (18 M). Also, there is a torpedo resting in the sand at 70 ft. (21 M) just behind it.
In September 1992, Yap Divers sank an 80 ft. (25 M) former circus boat named the Laura Marie on the side of the channel near Marker 10 which makes a nice night dive when it’s rough on the outside.

The rich corals of the lagoon floor quickly change to large bommies as the channel wall slopes down to the sandy floor.

Fish Life
Along with schools of Black Snapper and Humphead Parrotfish, we commonly have pelagic sightings in the waters near the channel entrance. Lobsters can be found in the niches and small caves in the walls lining the entrance.