50-100 ft | 15-30 m
30-100+ ft | 9-30+ m
0-4 mph | 0-6 km/h

Dominant features
Channel with sandy coral rubble bottom and vertical coral walls. Currents here require caution since they may be barely perceptible at slack tide and then rip to as much as 4 mph (6 km/h) during tide changes. Surface and bottom have been know to have swift currents running in opposite directions. During an incoming tide this channel makes an impressive drift dive with both sides of the channel visible while you “fly” down the center.

Tightly packed hard corals interspersed with wide swaths of leather and similar soft corals. Near Manta Ridge, large quantities of purple soft coral open their polyps to feed when the current is strong.

Fish Life
Scores of tropical reef fish including Soldierfish, Humphead Parrotfish and Moray Eels live amongst the Coral. Mantas, Hawksbill Turtles, large Barracuda, Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, and schools of Jacks and Snappers are sighted in the outer waters of the channel. You’ll find Lobsters and Octopi in the nooks & crannies.