33 ft | 10 m
30-90 ft | 9-28 m
0-5 mph | 0-8 km/h

Dominant features
A 30 ft. (9 M) coral ridge across Mi’l Channel. This intensifies the tidal current, thereby creating an easy cleaning station for the Mantas. As many as thirty Mantas ranging in size from about 6 to 13 ft. (2 to 4 M) have been sighted from this ridge at one time.

Hard corals interspersed with small clumps of soft coral and anemones.

Fish Life
Schools of Jacks and Black Snappers congregate on the ridge. White Tip Reef Sharks regularly cruise the ridge along with occasional Gray Reef Sharks. A wide variety of small reef fish are present to provide cleaning services for the Mantas.

Special Instructions
Stay on the bottom near the edges of the ridge. This allows the mantas clear passage in & out of the lagoon. When divers are blocking the main cleaning area the Mantas turn, and retreat rather than hover to be cleaned or make multiple passes over the ridge.