20-150 ft | 6 – 45 m
60-100+ ft | 18-30+ m
0-2 mph | 0-3 km/h

Dominant Features
Vertical wall running northwest from Yap Caverns. Lots of crevices and overhangs. Due to it’s proximity to the southern tip of the Island, the life on this wall is very prolific.

Predominantly hard corals with very large blankets of brown Porite coral, some of which also play host to colorful tube worms. Frequent patches of Daisy corals interspersed among the hard corals. Patches of yellow soft coral under ledges at a depth of about 70 ft. (21 M) can be found when the current is running.

Fish Life
Lots of Squirrel Fish, Snappers, Groupers, large schools of small Anthias and occasional Lionfish. Expect a wide variety of reef and pelagic fish life. Clown Triggerfish are sometimes spotted near the bottom of the wall.