45-90 ft | 13-27 m
50-100 ft | 15-30+ m
0-2 mph | 0-3 km/h

Dominant features
Located in Gabach Channel, Crescent Reef is usually done as a drift dive, either in or out of the channel depending on the tide. A bit deeper than most dives in Yap, the action is excellent, with a large school of blackbar barracudas showing up almost everytime, as well as schools of striped snappers, black snappers, fusiliers, bumphead parrotfish and big groupers. On top of this, schooling scalloped hammerheads have been seen on a regular basis!

Dramatic dropoffs, walls and formations with sunlit holes.

Fish Life
Scalloped hammerhead sharks, huge Napoleon wrasses, blackbar barracudas and lots of schooling snappers, fusiliers, bumbhead parrotfish and big groupers.