15-65 ft | 5-20 m
60-100+ ft | 18-30+ m
0-1 mph | 0-2 km/h

Dominant features
A mini-wall from 20 – 50 ft. (6 – 15 M) with a broad coral plateau tapering off to the depths.

You’ll find a great variety of hard corals on the walls and plateau. Some areas have large formations of bright green Cabbage Patch coral. Large coral pinnacles also rise up like giant mushrooms. Massive Boulder Star Coral formations as large as a house dot the reef.

Fish life
Many of the smaller fish school-up near the upper edge of the wall. Lionfish have been found in the crevices along the bottom of the wall. If you swim out over plateau you can see White Tips, Sting Rays and Nurse Sharks resting in small sandy bottomed chasms.