Custom Cultural Delivery of Manta Ray Bay Hospitality

This is how Manta Ray Bay gets together and combines custom hospitality options with traditional Yapese cultural delivery.

Manta Ray Bay Resort Custom Dinner Arrangements

This was the dinner party preparation and delivery for 33 people onboard the Mnuw that included traditional flavor as well the island’s positive energy.

Manta Ray Bay Resort Custom Dinner Arrangements The entire day, Detlef had the Manta Ray Bay and Mnuw crew preparing for the event. Traditional Yapese decorative arrangements were cut from the property and hand-woven by staff members.

Patricia Acker lead the group of women who spent the whole day putting their energy into the evening’s ambiance.

Flowers were cut and arranged into table center pieces and buffet garnishments. The entire day was bustling around the resort with attention to every last detail.

By noon the Mnuw was starting to look like a Yapese party was going to happen. The entire party was to be offered on hand-made local decorations. Next up was the food.

Yapese traditional hand woven table arrangements

Yapese Tuna being cut for SashimiThe menu was a blend of traditional local food which included yellow fin tuna and wahoo caught the day before and prepared for grilling as well as a special sashimi boat. Fish, chicken and pork entrees completed the menu main courses.

Mangrove crab, taro, tapioca, coconut dishes as well as rice, potatoes and the resort grown garden vegetables and fresh baked bread finished off the delivery.

As things came together the Mnuw was transformed into a luxury island banquet.

Special Menu for Mnuw Party

Special sashimi boat for Mnuw Party Every last detail received attention, including the yellow fin sashimi that was presented with the rest of the fish, local lemon and wasabi.

The staff takes pride when they are asked to get local with the presentation. Island flavor sliced up with Yapese pride.

The night included a custom drink called a “Welcomer”, tested earlier the day up at the bar. Each guest received a martini glass with a cocktail to kick off the event together.

The whole evening was a Manta Ray Bay Resort production.


Special Menu for Mnuw Party

Detlef food and beverage manager at Manta Ray Bay ResortThat’s the face of a 13 hour day ending. Detlef pulled double duty as the Food and Beverage manager, backed by his team.

The people here make it happen knowing that their energy is well-spent on delivering your vacation experience. This is one thing that Bill Acker and his staff is known for, getting custom and doing something special for Manta Ray Bay guests.

I don’t know if this happens at every dive resort, but here at Manta Ray, one of the mottos should be, “all you have to do is ask”… and you shall receive.

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