boot show 2013

Dear everybody,

Now that this year’s boot show is over, we want to say THANK YOU for coming over to visit us at our booth to all our friends, repeaters, future guests, professional partners and just everybody interested in Manta Ray Bay & Yap. We are really, really grateful for your feedback and the wonderful little gifts we received.

The “boot” is not only Europe’s biggest watersport show, but the longest one in the world. So we had plenty of great meetings in the past 10 days, both on a professional and personal level.
It has been a great show and succesful show for us, and certainly far from slow.

Jan, Bill and Detlef preparing for the crowd to rush in. If you wonder why I am missing in the picture - well, somebody has to shoot it!

Time for boots!

Despite the recent strikes at the German airports, Bill, Jan and Detlef are now on their way back to our tiny Pacific paradise.
While they are I will look through the pictures shot during the last days and upload some of the highlights, among them a visit of the first Yap Divers customer ever.

Our temporary home...

A funny sidenote for you: as a native of Düsseldorf area I can say we usually don’t get much snow, but somehow my dear friends from Manta Ray Bay headquarters always manage to arrive in time for winter wonderland on the Rhine. Not only the boards of the river, but also the fairground, the city and the (in)famous Altstadt party mile were covered in white.
No idea how they manage to always hit the right days, but these days they’re not rushing outside the hall anymore to get a buzz out of white soft clouds falling down from the sky!

All the best to you,

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