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bloggerThis is what it looks like keeping the Yap and Manta Ray Bay media feeds hot – the daily takes are posted to all week.

You can scroll the timeline and check out the entire last season and see exactly what it looks like in as close to real time as the island pace allows.

It’s a shark, manta ray, macro and culture show pretty much any given day here.

In between Vertigo, cleaning rays and giant mantis shrimp, hibiscus skirts have been flying across the street celebrating Yapese culture.


mantagoofnuwGoing to Vertigo means hundreds of trigger pulls -the shark show is the real-deal rain or shine dive – and it hardly disappoints, diving with the sharks is very productive with a camera.

Some of my favorite ray photos have been in the last few weeks as well – the big animal / wide angle shooting hardly cools off.

Although the summertime doesn’t boast the mating behavior and courtship dancing, the manta action is still good if you’re looking to take home that moment (or photo) of your overhead Yap manta experience.

When the diving is good the media stacks up fast and this season my catalog is growing by 5 gigs a dive, I’ll get to keywording eventually but for now it’s shoot, import, develop, export, post, repeat.

These are last week’s pulls from the reef getting what’s on the media stream now.


There’s schools of bumphead parrots, eagle rays in the blue, mating manderinfish, swarms of barracuda, clouds of jacks and walls with soft life fluttering in the current coming off my SD card all week.

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