Bill Working with Continental Airlines for Ticketing Options

Now that Bill, Detlef, Jan and Daniel have finished the BOOT Show in Dusseldorf, Germany it’s time to begin the follow-up for the many inquires from our friends and potential European dive guests.  The largest single topic discussed at the show, by far, was the high cost of getting to Yap and the perceived difficulty of getting here.

Yesterday, Bill began working on solutions to these perceived problems and is working with Continental Airlines on a number of ticketing options and prices that will be available for our European guests.  If this program proves to be a success, then both parties may very well extend these options to North American travelers as well.

Please continue to watch this space for more specific details as they become available, or follow airline updates with RSS.

BOOT 2010

Hallo ihr alle,
ich bin wieder gut gelandet im Mikronesien und somit wieder im Manta Ray Bay
Resort bei den Yap Divers. Auf diesem Weg möchte ich mich nochmals bei allen Messebesuchern der BOOT 2010, bei Freunden, sowie bei denjenigen die Interesse an Yap gefunden haben bedanken. Solltet ihr Hilfe benötigen bei eurer Urlaubsplanung bin ich gern für euch da und gebe euch Rückanwort in Deutsch oder Englisch.
Bitte schreibt Detlef Trux an

Bis bald, mit freundlichen Gruessen aus Yap.

Detlef Trux

Bill Acker, Yap Divers manager Jan Sledsens and Roger from German dive travel agency Roger Tours at the Manta Ray Bay Resort booth
Bill Acker, Yap Divers manager Jan Sledsens and Roger from German dive travel agency Roger Tours at the Manta Ray Bay Resort booth

Hello everybody,

I finally made my way back to Micronesia and Manta Ray Bay Resort
and Yap Divers. I want to take the opportunity to thank all visitors of the BOOT 2010 (Europe’s biggest dive show in Düsseldorf, Germany)
and extend my thanks to friends and those, who found a new interest in Yap.
Should you need assistance for your holiday plans, I will be there to help you and answer you in German or English.

Please send your inquiries to:

See you soon, very best wishes from Yap,

Detlef Trux

Aftershow Yap family meeting in Düsseldorf's famous altbeerkeller "Schlüssel" (with Detlef on the outer left)
Aftershow Yap family meeting in Düsseldorf's famous altbeerkeller "Schlüssel" (with Detlef on the outer left)

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Visit Our Booth at 4 European Dive Shows

Salon de la Plongee Paris

January 15-18
Our dive center manager Jan Sledsens, will be present at the 12th Paris International Dive Show.
Booth number: D21 (Key Largo Diving Travel)

Parc des Expositions 
Porte de Versailles 
Paris, France

More information:

Boot Düsseldorf

January 23-31
Our staff, MRBR CEO Bill Acker and his wife Patricia, dive center manager Jan Sledsens, Detlef Trux and Daniel Brinckmann will be present at Europe’s biggest dive show.
Booth number: E20 (Quality Divers compound), hall 3

Messe Düsseldorf
Stockumer Kirchstraße 61
D-40474 Düsseldorf, Germany
More information:

FESPO Zürich

January 28-31

Booth number: 6.084 (Schöner tauchen diving travel)

Our European PR manager Daniel Brinckmann will be present at Switzerland’s premier dive show.

Messezentrum Zürich
Wallisellenstrasse 49
8050 Zürich, Switzerland

More information:

Golden Dolphin Moskow

February 18-22

Booth number: tba

Gostiny Dvor
Moscow 103012, Ilyinka str. 4, Russia

More Information:

Orca Update

The week after we had two more fantastic encounters with these 4 animals. Being smart as they are, they seem to become more familiar with the boat and these strange humans in rubber suits watching them from every angle possible. Everytime the encounters took place between the South-East part and the South tip of the island. Sometimes we would meet 3 of them as one of the adults was off hunting or doing whatever it felt necessary to do.
In addition to the Orcas, we had this pod of roughly 100 spinner dolphins again showing up between Manta Ray Bay Resort and the south tip of the island. While this species of dolphin is not really inquisitive, I had a few chances to photograph them.

Orca Update #2:
The Orcas (and the spinners) are still around, and despite of the rough sea we had another great meeting with these gentle giants. Actually this was the fifth day with Orcas. Judging from what fishermen told us, they are already here for almost six weeks now. New citizens of Yap? Conditions seem to become harsh, but on the other hand the four whales became really playful. Actually they were coming so close to the boat that we all got wet from the splashing of their black & white fins. More than once. I guess a certain small group from Switzerland was quite happy that day! Unfortunately, under the surface we were embraced by lack of contrast due to the cloudy weather and the waves swallowing the last beams of light. That truly was a drag because the whales would even come our way, swam upside down and showed a natural behavior that clearly underlined they did not feel uncomfortable at all. Maybe it should have been us who should have felt uncomfortable sharing the water with predators that outgrow a great white shark?! Anyway, I still hope they stay around until conditions improve. And as much as Yap is not your average whale destination – we DO have a resident group of pilot whales though – it is not the first time we had Orcas. If we could only speak Whale!

Don’t matter if you’re black AND white?!

Wednesday was a day that not only I myself will remember for the rest of my life: After a nice dive in Goofnuw channel with two mantas and a grey shark joining, our second boat brought the news: ORCAS !!! Confirmed by Captain John’s video frames.
We headed down south and eventually say 4 huge dorsal fins sticking out of the water. At the sixth attempt in the water one of the females approached us an swam past just feets below our own feet.
Crystal clear blue water and Orcas – that is something BBC film crews are begging for!
From then on we would see them a few times. Only our approach got… let’s say more professional: Jumping into the water and going after the whales at full fin power obviously did not do the job. You could fin forever (as some red faces indicated), but the animals always were faster even if they did not seem to move at all. We found out that they were in a much better position when we stopped the boat 60 feet in front of the whales and got into the water, hoping that they would not change their direction. Quite often we would see them passing us at 30 feet distance, which they kept as the bull and the cow had a semi-adult and even a calf (approx. 5 feet) with them. Seeking shelter obviously also was their reason for coming to Yap as Orcas normally tend to stay and feed in cooler water.
Does it get any better? Yes, indeed it does!
Following the Orcas on board of the „Silvertip“ the other day, it took us a long while before we realized that one of the fins did not belong to the whales. Once in the water it turned out to be a massive sunfish, the Orca toy of the minute!
Some of us, among them our new whale afficianados “Orca Boy“ Russell and Cecile, followed the whales, others kept track of the sunfish. Unlike the whales, that strange deep sea fish stayed with us for more than 20 minutes so everybody had a chance to shoot pictures.
When our dive center manager Jan tried to lure us into some shark action for the afternoon we all did not even consider going. Too much!  WHAT A DAY!!!
Needless to say what became the attraction for the nocturnal slide show on Mnuw. “Can you show me the Orcas?“, was one of the things you would hear most often, with the casual “Now I hate you even more!“
In order to save some dignity for that sunfish off Yap Caverns: How could anybody expect it to stay while we were circling it like blueprints for predators? Well, it stayed and I’d say that’s not too bad for an animal with a brain of the size of a walnut!


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Jim Reilly
Jim Reilly
11:27 21 Mar 18
We stayed at the hotel and dove with Manta Ray divers in early December 2017. The hotel is very comfortable, well run and staffed with wonderful employees. During our visit my wife came down with an illness and the consideration and support from the hotel and dive staff could not have been more
Sandy Stinson
Sandy Stinson
16:03 03 Mar 18
The staff couldn't be more friendly and accommodating. Food is good, (worth upgrading to include all meals). Diving is good more
Alex Divinsky
Alex Divinsky
17:24 01 Jan 18
The best place to stay in Yap. The resort is really nice and clean, the scuba diving is great, and the docked ship that houses the bar, restaurant, and movie screen is very cool. I really enjoyed my stay more
10:44 01 Jan 18
Offers one of the best accommodation service. It also has a uniquely designed restaurant.
Yi-Hsin Lin
Yi-Hsin Lin
00:53 21 Feb 17
The whole place centers around the scuba diving operation. Probably better to find somewhere else if you're not a diver. The dive operation was generally good, but a little too laid back - schedules weren't always clear, and sometimes would change without any notice. Sometimes it was hard to tell if this was really because of changing tides/weather or because of the island pace of life. Pizza is a surprisingly good option at the more
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