Manta Fest Prizes 2017

MantaFest Photography Festival and Image Contest is known for being a small personal event with top professionals hosting workshops and HUGE prizes being awarded for submitted images.

Bill has grown his photography event with new presenters and new prizes to take home.

This year is no exception and we’ll be sending our winning shooters on fabulous dive trips around the world.

Join us this year for a chance to win some of the hottest trips and gear in the world of diving.

Check it out:

Dive Damai

The Best of Show Grand Prize winner will go on a ten-day liveaboard voyage aboard a luxury vessel navigated by Dive Damai. Choose from any of their regularly scheduled voyages in Raj Ampat.

Truk Odyssey

The Best dSLR in class winner will receive a seven-day dive and liveaboard package with Odyssey Adventures in Chuuk Lagoon for Wreck Diving.


The Best in class compact camera winner will receive a seven-day dive package by Aquanautic Elba, offering dives and dive courses in the Mediterranean for over 14 years, located in the idyllic bay of Morcone, a small village near the main centre of Capoliveri on the island of Elba, Italy.

Palau Siren

*New Video Prize! The Best Video Submission receives a voucher for a 7-day Palau liveaboard trip with the Siren Fleet. Diving Palau by liveaboard brings you to the far flung dive sites along with some of the most renowned sites of this tiny island chain aboard one of the most luxurious liveaboards there is.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Places and Honorable Mentions

Top of the line scuba gear:

  • Ikelite $500 Vouchers
  • Sola Light & Motion Dive and Photo lights
  • Ikelite Gamma Torches
  • Mares regulators
  • Mares BCDs
  • Mares Computers
  • Mares Knives
  • Mares fins
  • Henderson Wetsuits
  • Blue Blocker Masks
  • Armor Gear bags

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We provide a FREE Flight Help to Micronesia, Palau, Chuuk and the Philippines. Ask us using our new online tool and save money and time on your travel planning.

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The Best of Yap

Get Yap and MORE…V55A3255-2

Bill has been steadily growing an array of offers throughout the year and setting up combinations with Palau and [now] the Philippines that create a true “Best of” Micronesia opportunity.

Experience the uniqueness of Yap where you dive exclusive dive sites with no crowds in a big animal sanctuary and exotic grass skirt culture is part of our daily lives.

Yap + Palau
Combine this with Palau’s iconic dive sites and developed tourism where you can enjoy a different bar or restaurant every night and mix it up with hundreds of travelers with your choice of motel or resort accommodations.

Yap + Philippines
Hooking up with our flight schedule, our new Philippines combo package delivers a true “big and small” diving experience that doesn’t break the bank with our special United contract flight rates (ask us for a quote).

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Continually Improving

manta ray bay trainingContinuing Education Never Stops at the Manta Ray Bay Resort

All dive guides, concierges, front desk staff and even our drivers are undergoing updated medical training.

This initiative is being conducted by Oliver “OP” Acker and Michael Ranganbay, our two PADI EFR Instructors.

“This training is just another example of my effort aimed at having the best staff possible and ensuring that the people in daily contact with our guests are all medically trained,” says Bill. We have regularly provided training for housekeepers, cooks, wait staff and front desk people so this current training is another example of our commitment to our staff and guests.


Bill is still encouraging everyone to try his FREE Flight Help tool and try to beat his itineraries and rates from anywhere in the world to Yap. He’s been helping people for 30 years and shares his knowledge with everyone – even combining Yap with Palau, Chuuk and the Philippines.

Building Community


Join Manta Ray Bay, the Micronesian Conservation Coalition and Matson Shipping in providing a unique family island adventure, engaging children in the marine environment and sponsoring local children to participate in the interactive ecology workshops.

This event is a hands-on experience with a science-based theme that puts kids of all ages into a “marine classroom” to learn about our world as a family.

The Acker family, Manta Ray Bay and the Micronesian Conservation Coalition are committed to community and have teamed up with regional sponsor, Matson Shipping, to bring the community into this unique event.

For every guest child a local child is being sponsored to join the program and participate. Yapese kids will be in the water, on the boats and in the lab with our participants learning about the ecosystem in which they live.

matson logo

Event Details >

Yap Diving Guarantees

Big animals is what put Yap on the map, our resident manta rays and rain-or-shine shark dive guarantees visitors with big interactions year-round.

Manta Ray Dive, Yap Micronesia
Vertigo is our year-round dive site that is guaranteed action, every time. A dive developed by Bill and his team over two decades.

Our resident reef sharks have been stoking diver’s logs and SD cards with closer than arm’s reach encounters for 30 years.

Diving Yap guarantees a few things – big animals, Micronesia’s most vibrant culture and uncrowded reef diving.

Shark Dive, Yap Micronesia

Shark Dive, Yap Micronesia

Shark Dive, Yap Micronesia

For any diver regardless of experience, the grace of a manta ray overhead or the scene at Vertigo of a shark school surrounding divers satisfies even those of us who are spoiled with rich underwater experiences.

Micronesian Culture

Don’t dive Micronesia without exploring the local culture… and in Yap the culture is authentic and across the street. One of the best ways to get the most out of your trip to Yap is to plan your vacation to coincide with a culture festival. Yap Day happens at the peak of the manta ray mating season, making for a memorable trip above and below the surface.

Culture, Yap Micronesia

As us about flights to Yap

We created a flight assistance tool that offers everyone FREE travel information on getting to Yap from anywhere in the world. Bill’s been helping people with the cheapest, fastest and most direct flights to Yap and answers travel questions including combining Yap with Palau, Chuuk and the Philippines.

Yap + Philippines

Aiyanar Resort Philippines

Aiyanar Resort PhilippinesOur newest special offer and combination dive package!

Check out a Micronesia + Philippines dive trip that puts you into the water with guaranteed big animals, in Yap, and some of the world’s best macro diving in the Philippines – big and small in one trip.

Anilao, Philippines + Yap, Micronesia

Dive Micronesia

Dive pristine coral reefs, a big animal and manta ray sanctuary, Anilao marine park without the crowds and stay in Anilao’s newest resort, Aiyanar.

We put this package together that combines two destinations that connect well with Yap’s airline schedule – we have contract rate airfares with United that cannot be beat (ask us for a free flight quote)

Sharks, nudibranchs, mantas, frog fish and more…

$2,999 per diver – 20 dives

Dive Micronesia

Special Offer Details >
yap + philppines special combo dive package yap + philppines special combo dive package



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