Bill & Jan Visit SSI Headquarters

On the 2nd of May, Bill Acker, Patricia Acker and Jan Sledsens left Yap for quite a trip.  While Patricia split from the group in Honolulu in order to fly to Atlanta to be with her sister, Bill and Jan flew to Denver and then rented a car for the short drive to Fort Collins, Colorado.

The purpose of the trip to Colorado was to spend time with Mr. Watson DeVore of SSI in order to up-grade our teaching status to Dive Control Specialist Instructor which, among other things, will allow both Bill and Jan to conduct crossover training for other instructors thus enabling them to become part of the SSI family.  During the trip, we toured the headquarters operation, met all of the staff and had a lovely dinner the last night with Doug McNeese, President of SSI and his wife Kathy plus Watson and his wife Susan and their daughter MaKenna.

All in all, a lovely trip with great people and a success all around.  We look forward to being able to host SSI dive centers from around the world and show their guests the beauty of Yap both above and below the water.

Doug & Kathy McNeese, Bill Acker, Jan Sledsens, Susan & Watson DeVore

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