Bill Acker’s Scuba Safari heads to Yap’s Yap Caverns!

Last Thursday saw Popou full with another group of intrepid divers heading out with Bill to explore some wonderful dive sites in Yap.  This trip out we headed to the south of the island to two of my favorite dive sites, namely Yap Caverns and Cabbage Patch.

The visibility was excellent at the Yap Caverns and we had very little current so the swim throughs were very easy.  This dive produced some great marine life for us all to photograph.  We had octopus, lion fish, three leaf fish and a very colorful mantis shrimp as well as a few passing white tips.

The surface interval offered a great opportunity to check out each other’s pictures whilst having some delicious banana bread washed down with a cup of tea. We spent a fun hour telling stories and having some really good banter back and forth.

The short journey up to Cabbage Patch gave us time to suit up for the next dive.  Cabbage Patch is a large expanse of hard coral mainly pachyseris speciosa, which offers a chance to spot some lovely nudibranchs which we only ever find at this site called chelidonura inornata.  This particular dive gave us an abundance of bump head parrot fish as well.

The guests on this trip out were Ron Lane, Birmingham, UK; Rob Reid, Birmingham UK; Julie Quickfall & David Williams, Somerset, UK; Brian Smith, California, USA; Peter Schmidt & Martina Sebastian, Schonerfeld, Germany; Kurt Fehr, Lenzburg, Switzerland Rudolf Argay, Basel, Switzerland.  Also joining on the dive boat were Bill’s two daughters Numie and Valerie.  Boat captain was Igy and Alex helped Bill out by being assistant dive guide.

Check out our blog next week for the next safari…

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