Bill Acker stirs it up on the Mnuw

Today saw the first day’s training in the kitchen on board the Mnuw, our 100 year old floating restaurant moored by the Manta Ray Bay Resort.  The reason for the training you might ask?  Well, we are in the process of totally overhauling our menu and putting into place something that is exciting, fresh, tantalizing and unique for the island of Yap.  Not only will we  be offering the best diving in Yap, but also the best dining.

Fish Tacos

In the kitchen today Bill held two training sessions for all the staff on how to make the perfect fish taco.  I was there to sample one…well ok two or three and they tasted damn good.  I’m sure it was down to all the years of his legendary Texas BBQs!  The aim of changing the menu is to get good tasty food to our guests fast and to satisfy hungers that diving the great sites of Yap can only give you.

The sort of dishes you can expect to see on the new menu are, gourmet sandwiches, wide range of tacos, fish dishes, including catch of the day, our great appetizers (which we are keeping).  We will be offering good sized burgers, all made from 100% Angus beef, with a tasty selection of toppings.  We will of course have our pizza menu.  We have increased our selection of desserts too, so there will be something to please those with a sweet tooth!

Keep checking our blog for notification of the final menu and launch date.   So now there is another reason to come visit us here in Micronesia.

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