Best of Micronesia

Experience a best of Micronesia vacation by combining Yap + Palau.

Palau Pacific Dive Resort

Palau WaterfallWe have done the homework on delivering a true Micronesian dive adventure with our new two-week 23 dive Yap + Palau combo package.

Come get it all in Palau where you have your choice of international restaurants and some of the best Indian food in the world.

Choose your accommodations from basic to uber luxury at Palau Pacific Resort – we shortlisted a range of accommodations and built packages that suit any style.

Get Palau in and out of the water with historic WWII tours and get into the big island to see the rest of Palau on a real island adventure.

Bask in a tropical waterfall and hike through lush fauna on your way to limestone monoliths on a private land tour of the northern part of the Republic.

Diving Palau

Diving Palau

Experience Palau with a tour operation that caters to 10 guests per week, maximum, offering a personal touch that only a small family-owned business can.

What You Get

7 nights / 13 dives in Palau, 7 nights / 10 dives in Yap. Choice of accommodation from DW Motel, Palau Paradise, Palasia, Rose Garden, Palau Royal or Palau Pacific Dive Resort.

Palau: pristine reefs • marine park • wrecks • big animals • choice of hotels

Yap: guaranteed big animal encounters • exclusive dive sites • no crowds

Bill designed this package to deliver a true “Best of Micronesia” dive vacation where you get the iconic dive sites in Palau and Yap big animals, relaxed diving pace and traditional culture.

Spa treatment

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