Before and after the diving – seen through the eyes of our Brazilian friend José Palazzo

Often, a trip to distant places makes us apprehensive about the conditions for hosting.
After all, it is common for Brazilians have to spend 25 to 30 hours hopping from plane to plane to get the most coveted destinations in the Pacific,
and all we want when we get there , besides diving , is whether we will be able to rest in a decent bed .

In Yap , since our first trip there in 2007 , we no longer have this concern .
We know that after the dives, the fabulous hospitality of Bill and Patricia Acker at Manta Ray Bay Resort, is simply the best there is on the island .

Nothing like being able to lay off the bags after a long trip and enjoy a super cozy room and the smell of fresh flowers.
At Manta Ray Bay, each apartment is decorated with the motif of a marine animal of the region, here you see Nautilus and Sepia:



Hands down, the best sleep quality is guaranteed ! But not only that… keep in mind also the possibility to refresh yourself in the hotel’s beautiful infinity pool,
just opposite the schooner Mnuw that serves as a bar and restaurant. That is something that calls us out of the room the whole time when we ‘re not diving the inner reefs of the lagoon or or the outer walls .


Of course, in a couple of trips (like we did this year to get married in Yap ! ) there are always times when we want a little more privacy and tranquility . There is nothing better than the ground floor apartments like the Nautilus. There we could enjoy a private garden and pool where we relaxed in the afternoon and also at the end of the day after returning from happy hour and dinner aboard Mnuw …

As you can see in the picture below, picturing Nalu, such a routine as in Yap is stressful.

Nalu na piscininha

Nalu in wading pool

Many friends ask us about the cost of a diving adventure in Yap.
Frankly, with our average gains, it costs less than most of the better places on the Brazilian coast, and we don’t even start comparing infrastructure and services…
For these and other reasons – especially the fabulous marine life, which is abundant, diverse and preserved – we do keep coming back to Yap whenever we can .
In our next post we will talk about the diving and keep you excited. By the way, the photo below picturing us, was taken Brad Holland, a great photographer. .  See you there!


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