Micronesian Beach

Beaches of Yap

Manta Ray Bay Resort has a private beach on the northern island of Ma’ap where you can enjoy a cliche gold sand coconut tree beach with an emerald lagoon.

On Yap you can spend all day on a private beach with your partner, dive buddy or group in the village with no one else around. We arrange private beach trips, group events, parties and BBQs.

Get the best of the island in a lush tropical setting, all to yourself.

At any time during your stay with us, we can set you up with a few our excursion or a whole day on the beach with food, beer, wine, drinks, beach towels, kayaks and more.

Group events and tour leaders can organize surface interval lunch breaks in between dives and flight day beach parties – ask us to help spice up your week with some time on our private beach.

A quiet, relaxing day

We’ll drop you off on our beach. Our restaurant will set you up with a packed lunch and a cooler with whatever drinks you want.

Private Beach Micronesia

beach bbw

Beach in Micronesia

Beach in Micronesia

Beach in Micronesia

Beach in Micronesia


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Just you and your dive buddies....

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