Beaches of Yap

A common misconception about Yap is that there are no nice beaches on the island. Nothing could be more wrong. There are beaches. Quite a few beaches. Each one a tiny paradise, with soft, clean sand and warm, crystal clear water.


What’s lacking are the hotels. The bars & restaurants. Not to mention the noise. The crowds, the cigarette butts in the sand and all the other trash.

On Yap you can spend all day on the beach in perfect privacy with no one else around to disturb you. Just you and your loved ones in an unspoiled paradise.

A quiet, relaxing day at the beach


We’ll drop you off on one of these beaches. Our Chef will set you up with a gourmet lunch to your order in a picnic basket and a cooler with whatever drinks you want. When the day is done we’ll pick you up and try to persuade you to come back to the hotel!

It will be hard to leave.


We will email you the best possible routes and flights to Yap that you can book.

Availability & Reservations

Just you and your dive buddies....

  • Exclusive Dive Sites
  • < 2,000 Divers Per Year
  • Personal Experience
  • No Crowds