Anna Filey September 17, 1959 to October 28, 2013

Anna and her son Mars
“She’s no longer with us”.  With those words, my wife Patricia Acker informed us that Anna Filey passed away a few minutes ago at 1 PM, Manila time, in the Intensive Care Unit of Delos Santos Hospital in Quezon City.  Anna has been very sick and in and out of the Yap Hospital for some time now.  Lymphoma was the initial diagnosis but the hospital here could not tell which type.  She was evacuated to Manila and Patricia went with her to help and to be with her.  The hospital ran numerous sophisticated medical procedures and she was in good hands.  The Lymphoma was just too far spread, too aggressive and in the end pneumonia got to our Anna.

There is a HUGE hole in the hearts and minds of the Manta Ray Family today as Anna has been with us since the day we opened on March 1st, 1990.  Anna was outspoken, was a very hard worker and the best employee and friend that you could ask for.  She worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when needed with the core reason for this dedication being her love for her daughter and 4 sons:  Angie, AJ, Alvin, Marvin and Mars.  She was opinionated and regardless of whether you owned the building or cleaned the parking lot, if you weren’t doing it right, you heard about it from Anna.  Popularly known as SBT – Small But Terrible, she ruled her housekeepers and the hotel with an iron hand but she was full of compassion and would help anyone.  It hurts that we can no longer help her.

Anna’s fights with Teolu Pedrosa, our Maintenance Manager, during Monday morning managers’ meetings were legendary.  Either the air-conditioner in her rooms weren’t right, the laundry machines in her laundry weren’t working 100% or any other innumerable complaints would never go unmentioned or forgiven.  Heck, Anna’s fights with any of us were pretty legendary but she was our Anna and we miss her terribly at the moment.  We even had to suspend the Employee of the Year Award because Anna always won – hands down.

Anna from EVERY ONE of us here, we love you, we miss you and we trust that you are in a better place.

Kefel ma Kamagar

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