30th Anniversary Party


We spent a whole week ringing in 30 years of diving Yap, tourism in Yap and being a family at Manta Ray Bay, staff and guests enjoyed the big celebration in proper Acker fashion.

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7T8A0195The official celebration was kicked off in the hotel lobby with all attending guests as well as a host of people from the local community, including the State Governor, who all were present to acknowledge what the Ackers have done in Yap for 30 years.

As the champagne flowed, so did the applause and appreciation from divers, professionals in the diving industry, repeat guests as well as friends and family.



Bill gave several speeches during the week giving much credit to his family and staff who have been by his side the entire time.

Long time friends and diving legends, Geri Murphy, Jerry Beaty and Sam Scott were present to dive, party and reminisce about the old days with Bill, family and staff.

The Yap State visitors bureau shared words of appreciation and acknowledgement that credits Bill and Yap Divers for pioneering the diving, and subsequently the tourism industry, as well as a very successful 30 years in Yap.

We all raise our glass to being a family and team at Manta Ray Bay Resort and the people who have lead the business to what it is today.

Here’s to 30 years in business, 30 years of introducing people to Yap’s vibrant culture, 30 years of big animal diving and onto the next chapter.

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