Kids Sea Camp, Yap

    Family Divers Package

  • custom family adventure vacation
  • for all-ages, divers and non-divers
  • traditional culture and island tours
  • private beach and village field trips
  • professional trip photography and media
  • marine life and conservation education
  • guaranteed big animal interaction
  • Yap Manta Ray Encounters

Kids Sea Camp June 18th to June 25th 2016

Family divers has put together a summer dive and culture vacation package for divers and non-divers, all-age family members, parents included. Scuba diving is PADI and activities are based on age and ability designed for kids 4-16 years old.

Daily dive schedules are customized so that parents dive with the adults in the morning and kids dive Jr dive plans in concert with PADI Seal and Sassy activities. Afternoon dives are family dive plans for both parents and kids.

Morning and afternoon non-diving activity schedules are designed for all-ages and include island excursions and cultural, educational and conservation activities.

Kids over 10 can take their junior open water certification at Sea Camp and teenagers can enjoy ocean discovery activities that go all the way up to advanced scuba diving.

All of the instructors are PADI certified with years of experience teaching children, including your host, Margo, who has certified over 4,500 kids.

Kids Sea Camp PADI certification

Kids will be grouped by age for educational activities that focus on marine life and conservation through awareness - starting with which animals are friendly, to what sea creatures eat, to individual action that protects our ecosystem.

Fun, engaging and educational programs await, including hands-on "in the water" activities for children as well as parents.

The diving package includes a Manta Ray awareness certification for all divers and exclusive diving in the Yap manta ray sanctuary.

Kids Sea Camp in and out of the water

Kayaking, hiking, traditional skills, fishing trips and beach parties keep non divers active throughout the day while family members are diving.

Land tour activity during Kids Sea Camp Beach day at Kids Sea Camp

Non Diving Activities
  • June 19th
    O'Keefe Island Adventure | Dock Fishing | Photo Tips with Brad Holland | Meet the "Manta Man" Bill
  • June 20th
    Yapese Culinary Arts Class | Local Rope Making & Lei Making | Personal welcome by Government rep.
  • June 21st
    Traditional Canoe Navigation & rides on a Yapese sailing canoe | Basket Weaving | Hike | Movie
  • June 22nd
    Manta Ray Family Dive | Bottom Fishing | Movie Night
  • June 23rd
    Flora & Fauna Hike | Lunch on a Beach | Beach Treasure Hunt | Meet the Council of Chiefs
  • June 24th
    Family Shark Dive | Traditional Attire Presentation
  • June 25th
    Island Tour | Private Beach BBQ | Culture Tour w/ Traditional Dance | Your photos by Brad Holland

Kids learn local craft making family island hikeStone money tour Tour of the forbidden island

Sea Camp Diving Activities
  • June 19th
    Reef and Macro dives | SASY Swim School & Seal Intro
  • June 20th
    Morning 2 tank dives | Seal & SASY Activities | Afternoon Family Dive
  • June 21st
    Morning 2 tank dives | Seal & SASY Activities | Manta Ray Awareness Course | Mandarinfish Dusk Dive
  • June 22nd
    Morning 2 tank dives | Seal & SASY Activities | Lunch on a Beach | Afternoon Family Dive
  • June 23rd
    Morning 2 tank dives | Seal & SASY Activities | Afternoon Family Dive
  • June 24th
    Family Shark Dive | Afternoon Family Dive | Seal & SASY Activities
  • June 25th
    Island Tour | Private Beach BBQ | Culture Tour w/ Traditional Dance | Your photos by Brad Holland

Kids Sea Camp Diving Activities

Family Dive Adventure

Kids Sea Camp AdventuresA full week of family adventure for all ages, diver experience levels with evening media presentations and professional family photography throughout the week by in-house photo pro, Brad Holland.

Kids Kayaking Sea Camp Activities

Big animal diving, traditional culture, conservation and awareness education, eco-tours and activities for all ages!

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