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Tours of Yap

    a special place

  • tour of one of the most in-tact island cultures left
  • stone money banks
  • men's houses
  • moving cultural dances
  • land & wreck tour
  • Beach Excursions

The Manta Ray Bay Hotel’s Concierge staff also offer a complete range of land tours specifically designed to showcase the unique island culture of Yap. Everything from the famous stone money and stone money banks, to traditional thatched roof men’s houses, centuries old stone paths which are still used to connect the various villages, to the flora and fauna are available on a daily basis for our guests.

We offer a series of 4 hour (½ day) island tours with tour guide, driver, air-conditioned transportation and soft drinks. These tours are custom designed for each guest in that our staff will meet with you before departure from the hotel and discuss various options. Some of these options include merely site seeing around the island concentrating on flora and fauna or beaches or jungle to WWII tours concentrating on remnants of the war to stone money, stone paths and men’s houses. Of course a combination of the three tours is also available.

We also offer a series of 8 hour (full day) tours as above except that the full day tours also include lunch.


Island Tour Rates

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Includes tour guide, driver, air-conditioned transportation and soft drinks.

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